Our Committees

2018 Committees

Nominating Committee
Jason Sandefer
Brent Newsom
Roger Price
Hugh Austin
Don White
Missy Henderson

Personnel Committee
Hugh Austin
Stacye Austin
David House
Kelly Dyer
John Ellis
Shane Ford

Fellowship Committee
Bill Clements
Dana Umholtz
Jeff Turnage
Kathy Woodcock
Sherry Edwards
Kelly Gilbert

Technology and Media Committee
Kerry Jones
Ashley Altom
Christy King
Mike Hall
Jon Dor
Christopher Trickey

Properties Committee
Diana Thompson
Chris Denton
Jacob Longing
Amanda Henley
Mickey Cox
Barry Ballard

Finance Committee
Tom Nelson
Tanya Burrow
Richard Henley
Holly Longing
Mitch King
Charles Bonner

Missions and Ministry Promotion Committee
Jonnie Bounds
Judy Rogers
Melissa Fikes
Beth Edwards
Donna Evans
Brad Etters