Children Morning Bible Study

Sunday School classes are available for Babies-6th Grade where loving teachers are ready to teach your child about God’s love.

Our preschool aged children will learn from Our Bible Teaching for Kids Sunday School curriculum, which provides a balanced approach to central Bible concepts, essential Bible skills, and foundational Bible stories – helping kids hear, know, and do God’s Word.

Our K-4th grade kids enjoy The Gospel Project® for Kids which immerses kids in the gospel through every story, theological concept, and call to mission from Genesis to Revelation in a three year chronological study. Ultimately, the gospel message changes everything; heart transformation can only take place when a child experiences the gospel. Through The Gospel Project® for Kids, kids will understand the Bible is not just a collection of stories, but one unified story—God’s story of redemption.

Our 5th and 6th grade preteens study the Scriptures using FLYTE, a curriculum that’s all theirs, one that speaks to what they’re dealing with right now – not what’s past or in their future.  Preteen experts — namely, preteens themselves — weighed in on the energy, movement, and excitement of FLYTE during its development so that